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World's Most Advanced Bark Control Collar with Progressive Sound and/or Static Stimulus


Uses Painless Tone Followed by Static ONLY if Barking Persists.


ANTI-INTRUDER Feature Distinguishes Between Nuisance Barking and Alarm Barking. It Allows the More Urgent Alarm Barking if You Choose.


Anti-howl mode prevents howling.


Waterproof Collar.


Extremely Small and Lightweight (less than 1.5 oz.)


Effective on Dogs From 5 Pounds to 150 Pounds


"Sound Only" "Static Only" and "Sound Combined with Static" Stimulus Modes.


Comes with One Battery Included.


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The New, Improved BT-3 is smaller, lighter and built on High Tech Pet's advanced sensing and stimulus technology to give you features and bark stopping performance not found on any other bark control collar.

This amazing little collar can distinguish between nuisance barking and the more urgent intruder / alarm type of barking. You can set the BT-3 to allow this type of barking to alert you of intruders or emergencies while preventing nuisance barking. That is just one of the many unique features found only on the BT-3.

With The All New Terminator 3, BARKING WON'T BE BACK!

The third generation Bark Terminator 3 is a completely new and advanced Bark Control System with three different modes of bark or howl detection plus the ability to select Static or No-Static with each mode. This allows you to tailor your own custom training program for most any dog.

Adjustable from 5" to 24"

Weight: 1.25 lb.

Effective on dogs from 5 pounds to 150 pounds

Operates on B-3V8 battery