Power Pet Door for Door Installations
Power Pet Door for Door Installations
Power Pet Door for Door Installations
Power Pet Door for Door Installations
Power Pet Door for Door Installations

Power Pet Door for Door Installations

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Full Power, Motorized Operation


Pet Activated


Directional Sensor System


AC or Optional Battery Operation


4 Way Access Control


Dual Range Controls


Automatic Dead Bolt Lock


Automatic Safety Retract System


Keeps Out Strays


Increases Home Security


Lowers Heating and Cooling Bills


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Our amazing POWER PET™ door doesn't just unlock when your pet approaches, it automatically opens under its own power, like a power car window only faster! Pets love it! And so do their owners.

Fully Automatic electric pet doors enable your pet to come and go while preventing unwanted animal friends from entering your home. Automatic dead bolt locking feature adds a higher level of security to your home than any other pet door. Fully wind and weather-proof with an air-tight sealing system.

The PX model features an extremely slim design, being less than 2 inches deep. This allows it to be mounted flush to your door or wall. You cut a hole only as large as the door panel itself, then mount your POWER PET door in front of the opening. You will find it is actually easier to install a POWER PET door than a conventional pet door and certainly easier than installing a "between the studs type door"

The Power Pet Door is constructed of an ultra-high strength ABS composite housing with a bullet-proof Lexan plastic door panel, giving you and your pet the ultimate in security. The Lexan panel is mounted on a sliding, air-tight seal for the best wind, rain and foul weather protection of any pet door made.

This absolutely state of the art design represents the most advanced, most reliable, most stylish pet door made anywhere. In fact, your new POWER PET Fully Automatic Pet Door will be the most sophisticated appliance your pet will ever own!


One Pet Transmitter Collar
110 volt AC Adapter (AC18V-1.5)
Pre-Fabricated Outside Frame
All Required Hardware

Medium (PX-1):
Unit Width: 12"
Unit Height: 28-5/8"
Pet Opening Width: 8-1/4"
Pet Opening Height: 10"
Depth: 2"
Ship Weight: 13lbs.
Accommodates Pets up to 30lbs.

Large (PX-2):
Unit Width: 16"
Unit Height: 40-1/2"
Pet Opening Width: 12-1/4"
Pet Opening Height: 16"
Depth: 2"
Ship Weight: 16lbs.
Accommodates Pets up to 100lbs.

Ships Standard with Waterproof MS-5 Ultrasonic Collar

Optional Items:
Wall Adapter Tunnel
Rechargeable Battery
Battery Charger Kit
RX-10 Multi-Function Collar (compatible with Power Pet Door, Sound Barrier, Yard Barrier, Radio Mat and Humane Contain Pet Fence System)


Extra Transmitter Collars are sold separately
UPC: 032868200001

PX With MS 4